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Although Levitra is good, exercise is better

If men are prepared to go into the gym, they can avoid erectile dysfunction caused by the wrong diet. Levitra may be less tiring but it's less effective in the long term.


Levitra and Your Health

Levitra and other erectile dysfunction drugs may not be right for everyone, but Levitra is one of the only ED drugs that has proven safe and effective for use in men who have diabetes.


Although Levitra is good, exercise is better

The plague of obesity that began in America is now spreading around the world as more countries switch to the unhealthy “Western diet”. It’s a sad fact the countries around the Mediterranean have the majority of their citizens fit and healthy. Other societies seduced into bad habits, are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of people overweight. The reason for this is:

  1. too much sugar added to both processed foods and drinks;
  2. high levels of polyunsaturated fats, i.e. the fats found in vegetable oils;
  3. high levels of saturated fat.

Humans have always had a sweet tooth. In small quantities this is not a problem. But we have seen generations of children hooked on beef burgers and other processed foods sweetened using corn oil. They turn to sodas and savory snacks whenever they feel the urge. Their waists expand because their activity levels are so low and their calorie intake so high. This explains why America (and most of the rest of the world) is facing a health emergency as rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancers increase in line with the spread of obesity.

What about exercising more?

There’s new quantitative research being done at East Carolina University into the effectiveness of aerobic exercise to help reduce the damage to the circulatory system and improve heart action. The results have just been published in the American Journal of Physiology. This is a piece of animal-based research. There were three groups of rats:

  1. the group fed healthy food had no sexual problems;
  2. the group fed a Western diet of “junk food” almost immediately developed problems affecting the blood circulation;
  3. the group fed “junk food” that went through a regular exercise program remained reasonably healthy.

The test ran for twelve weeks. Under anesthetic, their sexual responses were measured by electrically stimulating the appropriate nerves. This quantitative research confirms the more subjective research which asks human volunteers to do yard work or join a line dancing class, and then gives them questionnaires to fill out. There’s nothing wrong with this research methodology, of course. It’s very important to be able to get an informal idea of how people feel while undertaking a program of light exercise. But this laboratory-based work is essential to put numbers on the degree of sexual dysfunction resulting from the diet and the extent to which exercise reduced the damage.

What should we conclude?

Of course, the rats were given a program of aerobic exercise. This was not something they could avoid since the accuracy of the research finding depends on each group of rats having the same experience. The team is now going to move on to human testing. The unknown is the extent to which exercise can reverse arterial damage which may have been building up for years. Testing rats after twelve weeks is not directly comparable. This does not mean Levitra would be irrelevant if men were to begin active exercising. But Levitra would certainly move them along in the right direction.