Levitra Prices

Although Levitra is good, exercise is better

If men are prepared to go into the gym, they can avoid erectile dysfunction caused by the wrong diet. Levitra may be less tiring but it's less effective in the long term.


Levitra and Your Health

Levitra and other erectile dysfunction drugs may not be right for everyone, but Levitra is one of the only ED drugs that has proven safe and effective for use in men who have diabetes.


Levitra and Your Health

Erectile dysfunction can happen to any man at any age, regardless of any health conditions he may have. However, there are some health conditions that show a higher incidence rating of developing erectile dysfunction as a result. If you have one of these issues, and find that you have more problems achieving and sustaining erections than you used to, you may want to consult a doctor to see which treatment is right for you.


Obesity is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction, and brings with it a host of additional health issues as well. In fact, it's hard to determine whether it is the excess weight on its own that causes problems with sexual function, or the additional health issues that are impacting your sex life. Men with obesity commonly have circulatory problems, which in turn affect the physical ability to achieve and maintain erections. Obesity is also an indicator for heart issues, another contributor to erectile dysfunction. The social stigma suffered by obese men can cause depression, anxiety and other psychological strains, all of which can additionally contribute to problems in the bedroom.

Prostate Problems

While prostate cancer itself doesn't cause erectile dysfunction, the treatments for that cancer often do. Radiation, surgery and even hormone therapy can all impact the ability to perform sexually. Surgery treatments for other conditions, like bladder cancer, can also cause ED as a result. Some of the damage to nerves and tissue will heal on their own in about six to 18 months, while in other cases the damage may be permanent.


Men with either Type I or Type II diabetes are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction. This is because diabetes has such a negative impact on circulatory function, that blood flow to the penis is often insufficient and unreliable for maintaining a normal sex life. Type II diabetes is also closely associated with obesity, so obese men with diabetes have multiple contributors to ED. Levitra is the only oral medication that's repeatedly proven to be safe and effective for use in men who have diabetes, either Type I or Type II.


Lifestyle choices can also have an impact on your sex life. Heavy drinkers, smokers, or those who use illicit drugs report far higher rates of erectile dysfunction compared to men who abstain from these unhealthy activities. Jobs that cause high stress, or living in unhappy relationships can also cause issues when it comes to sexual capability due to the psychological strain that is one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. Practicing a healthy lifestyle that focuses on stress relieving activities is your best bet of maintaining a healthy sex life.

For men with these health conditions, oral treatment with Levitra has proven to be one of the most popular options for treating erectile dysfunction, and can help you resume a normal sex life whether the cause of your ED is physical or psychological.